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We are an agency which believes in teamwork and which stays away from individuality. That’s why we observe the candidates’ predisposition towards teamwork as well as their personel talents. For us, a friend of a good team has to work by realising that he is a part of a long chain. So, he has to be in a good communication with the team, understand what’s been said and work with a sense of duty.

There must be a good start for a succesful team work. This page is a starting point for taking place in our team. You only have to read well and be sure if you are the right person for this position or not. We hope it will be a good start for both of us…

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Maybe You Like to Know!

Everyday some of our young friends want to apply for working as an intern in BRANDMEDIA. To be honest we are very happy for our young friends’ interest, but unfortunately we do not accept intern applications. We would like you to know that we have some reasons and we look for your sympathy and understanding about it.
A curriculum vitae has to be satisfying in terms of contents rather than visual design.That’s why, We pay attention to the fact that the birth date, the educational history, the reference contacts, the working experience and the abilities should be filled completely in the job applications to BRANDMEDIA. We receive some information by choosing among the given reference contacts. We prefer to disregard the curriculum vitaes which we believe that they are carelessly prepared by the applicant.
Due to our industry requirements, we have sensitivity about the impressive elements of perception while designing the brands in their best way . That’s why we try to choose team friends who have personel care; who are well planned, respectful and who have good communication skills with people just like we use specially designed offices and self designed furnitures. First impression is very important for us as well as in everyday life.